E-Commerce Logistics Service


  • Sign up for an account Sign up with us to receive a personalized overseas address for you.
  • You order your products by yourself online on Ebay, Amazon, or any US, UK, China, and Dubai online retailer of your choice or suppliers and ship them to our US, UK, China, and Dubai addresses. Remember to input the personalized address before carting out your items.

  • You can also email crs@isoxshipping.com with links to the items you want to buy so we can give you a quote.

  • Once we have received your package, we will inform you and give you a shipping quote by Air (5 to 10 Business Days Delivery Window) to our Nigeria office.

  • Our Air shipping rates are per kg lbs actual or volumetric weight whichever is higher.

  • Upon receiving your shipping quote we will require you to make a payment to our account number before we ship out your package from our global offices.

  • Once we have received the funds (remember to email us the payment confirmation) we will ship out your package on the next shipment date.

  • Upon arrival in Nigeria, our office will contact you to come and pick up your package or you can arrange for a courier/ parcel service of your choice to deliver your package to you at your own cost.